Genesis L

Danielle is amazing! I came in with a bit of a "project", I had previous lumpy lips from an inexperienced injector that I was stuck with for about 3 months. I am extremely picky when it comes to my lips, and I literally searched for months for an injector in Miami! I found smith & co through Instagram, and decided to make an appointment. I was rather nervous, my experience with multiple physicians previously left me very iffy! Danielle took her time, we chatted, she marked my lips and numbed me. What stood out to me the most was her attention to detail, without me having to explain she pointed out all my concerns in asymmetry. I didn't feel a thing, she went in and injected in multiple different techniques (not just sausage-info the product in I.e. Duck lips!) it's the second day now, and even swollen it looks amazing! As soon as I came out of the office, I could see how even my smile became and I'm super happy. I had such bad asymmetry I will come back in 2 weeks to touch up, but the job she did was absolutely amazing. I am so content, customer for life now!

nasha P

I met Danielle a few years ago when we worked together at a plastic surgeon's office, and I knew she would do great, but didn't know she would become my go-to for fillers and Botox until she treated me today.
I used to get Botox injections years ago but stopped because everyone I went to made my forehead look weird, I mean Jack Nicholson weird. But when she carefully and thoroughly examined my face, she recommended a certain amount of units for one area and the same for another area, meaning she separated the frown lines from the horizontal lines, and that was so smart! Not many people do that! A lot of doctors just Botox the crap out of the whole forehead and you come out so dang frozen and looking crazy.  Now I understand some people want that look, but I didn't, I wanted to go slow and told her to just treat the frown lines for now.  
She also recommended some Voluma for the cheekbone are to give me a little lift and to help with the Zygomatic line, I think that's the name. It's a line that pulls across the cheeks.
And I'm so glad I did it! She also did my mom's lips and I'm so tempted to do mine too because they look sooo natural and unfortunately you don't see many people doing those now a days.
I already can't wait to go back to get something else done, of course to look just refreshed and rested ;)

Whitney O

Making Miami young again!! Best Botox and best fillers on Miami Beach. I never thought I'd get Botox, but after hearing about the Danielle Smith NP in South Beach from more than a handful of friends who had had the best experiences, I went to see what it was all about! I was so happy with the results I've now sent some of my friends and family in and everyone is THRILLED with their results. I hear people say they will only go to plastic surgeons for injections, but once they go to Danielle they keep going back to her. And surprisingly, the prices aren't outrageous! Her associate makes the experience so great too. Danielle is super knowledgeable and delivers extraordinary patient care.

Cheryl B

The first time I met Danielle, she was working at another office called the Labb. When I found out she left I was really upset. She was the only provider that could actually give me what I was looking for. I later did some research and found her at her new office which is conveniently located down the hall from the old one. I immediately booked with Jen, and was really excited to have found them again! As always, my botox is spot on and my lips look plump and natural. I highly recommend these girls to anyone looking for botox and filler injections and will continue to follow them wherever they go!!!!


Where to begin with these two amazing ladies? I have been going to Danielle for Botox and fillers for 2 years now. Her bedside manner, genuine care and keen eye for aesthetics is unparalleled to any other. Every time I leave their office, I feel a veil of confidence is placed upon my head (face) and The goddess within me has been unleashed. Being single and nearing 40 in South Beach is not easy. But as soon as these girls complete their survives I feel like I've just come off a time machine. i cannot imagine going to anyone else. I highly recommend these girls!

Nasha K

I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle through my daughter, who I accompanied for had an appointment for filler and Botox. I went to just "watch" but ended up having a little something myself. 
I pointed out to her that I didn't like a botched job I had 14 years ago in the skin around my lip area that had been filled with silicone (I know bad idea, but I didn't know the harm then), and Danielle recommended filler in my lip to blend it out.
I'm not gonna lie, I was scared at first since I had never filled my lips, but after seeing my daughter's results, I became more at ease. I just told her I didn't want huge lips lol. No need to say anything, Danielle is an expert and has an eye for esthetic proportion. She blended my lip nicely and it looks super natural! I'm really happy I found smith & co and I already made an appointment for filler in another area ;)


Jayda T

Danielle provided the most genuinely caring service available!!! Danielle is a superior, top certified injector-I would never trust anyone else with my face! She uses the latest & greatest products & techniques. I will ONLY go to her! If your thinking about Botox, or cheeks or lips, this should be your GO TO spot! PS-They used to be a part of another company (Lab) and now they have branched out & started Smith & Popov. Same building, just down the hall. The work they do & their loyal clientele speak for themselves :D you ladies rock & I love you!!!

Lori C

I have been to many different injectors over the past 15 years and Danielle is truly the best.  She has a unique style with precision.  The atmosphere is stunning and you will never feel rushed.
Well worth the drive from Fort Lauderdale to Sobe.
Love smith & co.

Lauren F

Danielle is, hands down, the best injector in Miami. If you want to turn back time or just refresh your look, smith & co is the place to go. She makes you feel comfortable and you know you're in the best hands. The spa is beautiful, the results stellar. This is the only place you should go to. LOVE!

Lauren Foster of Real House Wives of Miami

Sheila P

I am a 72 year-old who grew up in Southern California beach community and have smoked many many years.  I was also blessed with good skin, but let's face eventually the piper has to be paid.
Very hesitant to do Botox much less filler.  As a gift my daughter sent me to Danielle and Co, I was immediately struck with their professionalism, patience at answering all my questions.
The best was yet to come - immediately you can see results but when the swelling goes down it's great!
I would recommend smith & co.
Thank you ladies.

Mel E

Went to the beauty labb last week and was very impressed. Danielle was awesome. Very attentive and kind. She asked the important questions but had me in and out in 40 minutes. The entire check in process was fantastic. Courteous, modern, clean environment in the heart of sunset HARBOUR area. They offer you a beverage and cute ice pack after your procedure. It's a cute keepsake to use again and again. They pay attention to small details and make it a memorable experience, plus the results I got from the Botox was amazing. Will totally recommend Danielle, and trust me , I'm hard to impress!! Keep up the great work, Danielle.

Caryn L

Beyond best Botox! Space is gorgeous, sleek, modern and inviting. Receptionist makes you feel at home and comfortable. Ok so let's be honest, I have a lot of Botox, but the nurse, Danielle is by far the most knowledgeable and professional person I have even been to and that includes plastic surgeons and dermatologists. She took her time analyzing my bone structure, discussed her approach and then painlessly made me look 10 years younger!! You get all of the experience and professionalism without the doctors office wait time and hassle. Beyond best Botox!

Theresa G

These girls are amazing! This is the best Botox I have ever had.  I have been seeing Danielle for years and she does a perfect job every time.  I had quite a few less than optimal experiences prior, just when I had thought maybe Botox isn't for me, I tried Danielle and it has been perfect ever since.  For anyone who is looking for a botox and filler specialist with unbeatable prices and an amazingly personalized experience, I highly recommend smith & co for all of your botox and filler needs.

Julia G

Love Love Love this place!
Danielle is amazing!  She listens carefully to every little concern that you might have.  The prices are great.  The place is super nice and clean.  The location is very convenient!I will definitely be back in couple of months!

Tiffany G

This is your best bet for anything Botox and Fillers. Danielle knows what she's doing and she is absolutely the best. She listens to every worry you have and gives her honest thoughts on what you need and what would work for you. She makes the process simple and virtually as pain free as you can get. Go in for a consultation and you'll see what I'm talking about right away.


LOOOVE this place and Danielle!! I saw Danielle first in Aventura and followed her to South Beach! Jen is great confirming my appointments!! I won't see anyone else! The place is super clean and modern, very easy to park and access!  Thank you!

Eyra L

This was by far the best botox and lip filler experience I have ever had!  Danielle was absolutely amazing.  She has such a soft touch and is very natural and conservative in her approach.  I was very impressed with the office. I highly recommend :-)

Ivanna D

My recent appointment with Danielle was a pleasant surprise. Welcoming and cosy environment,  personalized service provided by staff
and advanced technology exceed my highest expectations. I look forward to my next visit.