Cheek Contour

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Cheek Contouring or Cheek Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that attempts to reshape the person’s facial topography into a more visually aesthetic form.  Danielle Smith NP uses soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm, Restaylne LYFT, and Raidesse to enhance the natural contour of your cheek.  Often times we can experience facial volume loss due to changes in weight or as a natural part of the aging process.  By restoring the pronunciation of your cheekbones, you can redefine your facial features.  Danielle Smith NP is a brilliant aesthetic provider and knows how to provide the best results for cheek augmentations while maintaining a very natural appearance.  

When cruising through photos of your favorite celebrities, have you noticed how defined their features always look? Make-up artist have mastered the art of Highlighting and using Contouring Makeup.  This deception of light and shadows provides the allusion of definition to your natural features.  By applying base low-light and highlight colors in the right areas makeup artist are able to alter the appearance of “shadows” on the face and therefor giving it is “definition”.  When in reality these are not shadows at all, there are just variations in the coloring of the make-up.   Wouldn’t this be great if you could achieve this without spending hours getting ready or pounds of makeup caked on your face?  Well you can, by ACTUALLY defining these features on your face, such as with a Cheek Contouring.

The main objective of cheek contouring is to provide definition to your cheek bones to enhance and pronounce your natural features.  In addition, to giving you the toned- definition you have always wanted, this procedure can have a drastic effect on reducing sagging skin on your lower face.  Both younger patients looking for more definition and patients looking to reduce lower face skin folds can hugely benefit from this procedure.  


Many younger women looking to define their features can hugely benefit from the enhancement without having to under a surgical procedure.  In addition many women who are experiencing the cruel effects of gravity to their face and lower faces can also drastically benefit from the procedure.   Many different issues can be corrected with this procedure.   

  • · Sunken or deep nasolabial folds

  • · Bags under your eyes

  • · Sunken Temples

  • · Hallowed cheeks

  • · Down turning smiles


Many young and beautiful women can easily enhance their “wow” factor on a daily basis with the right amount of blush and highlighting.  Imagine if you could do this without make-up.  This procedure is the biggest “bang-for-your-buck” if you are looking to give yourself that “show-stopper” make over.  The changes are subtle but dramatic.  All the girls will want to know what you did, but it can be our little secret.   If you are interested in seeing what other facial defining procedures Danielle Smith NP can offer you, check out Nose Re-contouring, Botox, and Lip Augmentation. Remember a lip augmentation is not always about going bigger, it’s about defining!  


For those of us who have experienced the worst of what gravity has to offer, we may notice the areas under our eyes becoming hallow, our cheeks are migrating down toward our jaw lines, and our natural smile is turning into a frown.  Not a good look.   The best way to correct this, in most cases, is through a cheek augmentation or contouring and/or facial recontouring.  Depending on the extent of gravities toll, Danielle Smith NP, will help develop a treatment plan that meets your overall needs.  The role that a Cheek Augmentation or Cheek 

Contouring plays in reducing lower face laxity is by providing more structural support for your existing facial fat so it is not as egger to drift with gravities whim.  


Body Builders are a great example of this.  Having to run very lean body fat, consequently they often loose a great deal of fat in their faces and especially their cheeks.  Danielle Smith NP recommends facial contouring for these patients to help highlight other attributes of their facial features that can be extremely beneficial, and more so when under bright lights with heavy tanning.  However, for those who are interested in just treating the one area, or gaining the biggest bang for their buck, cheek contouring is the most beneficial procedure for you.


Cheek Augmentations and Cheek Contouring by Danielle Smith NP are most often accomplished with Dermal Fillers such as Voluma, Lyft, or Defyne. These are considered are more volumous fillers and often do the best job for this area.  However, depending on the patient Restylane or Beletero may be called for if there are more sensitive areas involved, such as under the eyes or fine line correction.  Danielle Smith NP’s cheek contouring and cheek augmentation procedures usually involve a combination of products to accomplish the best results possible. The amount of volume loss that you have experienced will determine the amount of volume replacement that you require.  Your specific needs and expectations will determine the course of your treatment plan. Danielle Smith NP will work with you to develop a plan that works best for you.  Plans can either include a single procedure or treatment, or a series of small volume additions.  Danielle Smith NP will also address your skin care regime with you to optimize your skin care, prevent further aging and being to restore any skin damage.  


If you are considering Cheek Augmentations and Cheek Contouring by Danielle Smith NP of Miami it can be completed at the time of your consultation.  To ensure you are ready for your appointment with Danielle Smith NP, make sure you have not consumed any Aspirin containing products prior to the procedure.  If you have to take Aspirin due to a medical condition do not stop taking it until you speak with Danielle Smith NP first.  Avoid drinking alcohol, especially red wine, 1 week prior to your procedure to help minimize any bruising.  You should bring a list of your current medications to your appointment and be prepared to provide a brief overview of your past medical history.  If you have a specific request regarding your Cheek Augmentations and Cheek Contouring, be ready to address these (ie, Hallowed cheeks, lacking definition, bags under your eyes, deep folds of wrinkles, downturn of your smile).  At the time of your appointment Danielle will discuss your treatment options with you to best accomplish your desired results while maintaining an overall aesthetic facial balance.  


Immediately after the procedure you can expect to have some mild tenderness and swelling to your cheeks.  Many patients often enjoy this fuller looked.  The tenderness and swelling will subside in a few days.  Patients who are considered easy bruisers or who take blood thinners may experience some mild bruising, these too will resolve on their own in a few days.  To speed up your recovery you can take Arnica supplements right before and for a few days after the surgery.  Danielle Smith NP has done extensive research into the affects of Arnica on the reduction of post procedure bruising, swelling, and pain and offers supplements for purchase on site if you forget to pick some up.  Danielle Smith NP recommends that you avoid touching your face/cheeks or manipulating it as little as possible.  You want to avoid sleeping on your face, you should sleep laying on your back.  Avoid strenuous exercise for the rest of the day after the procedure.  You can resume your normal activities the next day, but to ensure the best results continue to avoid excessive manipulation of your face/cheeks for about a week.  It is okay to use make up, but try not to be too aggressive in your application.  Hylauronic Acid is a hydrophilic substance and will pull water into it, considering this it is important to keep your skin moisturized after the procedure.  You will also notice that when you eat excessively salty foods you may experience mild swelling, this is also related to the hydrophilic properties of the hyaluronic acid.  


Danielle Smith NP has all of her patients follow up in 2 weeks to evaluate your results and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the procedure and to take your post procedure photos.  Should touch ups be required they would be preformed at this time.