For the Aesthetic Injector Entrepreneur

I offer full spectrum Consulting Services from Injectables Mentorships to Business Plan Development as well as Established Practice Jumpstarts.

Per Hour at $500 per hour.


The first of its kind, comprehensive 6-month aesthetic injector training program.  Online platform for safe paced educational experience.  Designed as Post-Master fellowship with high level academic content.  Mentorship program to provide ongoing guidance and training as the injector advanced through the course. 

Entry Level: Novice or Beginner injector who is looking to acquire the knowledge and skill to become a master level autonomous injector. Designed for NPs, PAs, MDs or DMDs. RNs can take the program, but the content is of a high academic level. To get the most out of the program, it is recommended that the student be currently licensed in their state to inject.

3 Program Tiers

1.    Content

  • includes full access to online training platform + all course materials

  • text books, 1300 pgs of course material (print & digital)

2.    Access

  • Content +

  • 45 min Bi-Weekly Calls (work through course content & review student’s on going case work)

3.    Mentorship

  • Content + Access

  • 30 min weekly calls

  • 3 hands-on injecting trips – training & practicums

 åcademy content


Patients, Background, Anatomy

Botox On-Label 

Forehead, Crows Feet, Forehead Lines, Bunny LInes

Filler On-Label 

Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds, Lips, Marionette Lines, Lateral Smile Lines, Perioral Lines 

Managing Adverse Events, Complications & Compensations 

Botox Off-Label 

Lip Lines, Gummy Smile, Marionette Lines, Mentalis, Masseter, Jaw Line, Neck Bands, Hyperhidrosis 

Filler Off-Label 

Forehead, Temples, Tear Troughs, Non Surgical Rhino, Earlobes, Jaw Line, Chin, Angle of the Jaw, Piriform and Mandible, Advanced Fine Lines, Hands, Body 

Advanced Complications, Adverse Event Management, Compensations and Repeat Treatments


Submental Fullness, Jowls, Lower Face Contouring, Bra Fat and Axillary Lipolysis 


 Full Face Revolumization, Treating Male Patients, Neck & Check, Skin Quality Enhancement, Gluteal Augmentation

Managing Adverse Events, Complications and Corrections 

Next Level