danielle smith np

aesthetic nurse practitioner


Danielle Smith NP believes that an injectable-only practice model is the best way to provide her patients with the results that they want to achieve.  Danielle is an expert with a trained eye and an artistic approach.

“Injecting is my specialty.  It’s what I do."

Danielle Smith NP we believe that has to be a better option than having to pay hundreds of dollars more at a traditional doctor’s office, or go to a less-than-desirable med spa chain.  So here we are. 

smith & popov


Danielle Smith MSN, NP-C, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Jennifer Popov Patient Coordinator joined forces to form smith & popov.  smith & popov is an injectable only practice using BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers.  With Danielle's extensive medical experience and background plus her knowledge of safety and compliance combined with Jen's expertise in the beauty industry retailing and marketing them to the top prestige department stores and amazing customer service.  smith & popov  takes the injectable beauty business to the retail arena offering clients a simple, safe and affordable service with the best results.



Botox works to minimize muscle movements that cause wrinkles and lines.  By minimizing these repetitive motions, we can soften and prevent lines and wrinkles. The most common treatment areas include frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines.


Dermal Fillers are soft gels that work to augment and volumize the tissue.  Fillers can be used to add volume and soften lines and folds.  Filler can also be used to contour and enhance current facial features such as lips and cheeks.


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Our Miami Beach office is located at

1410 20th St, Suite 210, Miami Beach FL 33139

We are conveniently located in the heart of Sunset Harbor, right off Purdy Ave and 20th Street.  Directly above Pub Belly.  

We believe in accessibility for our patients! Call or Text us at 305.393.2311, or Book Online here.